About & Exhibitions

Fabian Patzak is an Austrian American artist whose work has been exhibited internationally and is housed in both public and private collections. Drawing from his experience raised between the cultural spheres of Austria and the United States, a circumstance that relates back to his grandparents' emigration and subsequent repatriation, Fabian Patzak’s work has been tackling issues of heritage, displacement, and memory since his 2006 master’s exhibition at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna (Muntean/Rosenblum).  A recipient of the Theodor Körner Prize for visual arts and Walter Koschatzky Award honorable mention, Patzak has lived and worked in Santiago de Chile, New York City, Berlin, and Vienna. 

Selected Exhibitions

  • Variations - Kulturengeflechte. Galerie Trapp, Salzburg, AT (2017)
  • Stadt Bild.  Galerie Gans, Vienna, AT with Hein Spellmann (2016)
  • Nature. Galerie Trapp, Salzburg, AT with Frank Webster (2015)
  • Nature. Loft 8, Vienna, AT with Frank Webster (2015)
  • Fabian Patzak – In Lieu Of. Galerie Trapp, Salzburg, AT (2013)
  • Fabian Patzak – In Lieu Of. Lukas Feichtner Gallery, Vienna, AT (2013)
  • Fabian Patzak - Prunk. Sotheby’s Artist Quarterly, Vienna, AT (2013)
  • Studio 501A & 501B. PS122, New York, NY, USA (2010)
  • Someplace Next Year. MUSA Startgalerie, Vienna, AT (2009)
  • Vacancy. Showroom Galerie Hrobsky, Vienna, AT (2008)
  • Fabian Patzak / Dana Engfer. Chelsea Galerie, Basel, CH (2008)
  • Die Ruhe vor dem Turm. Projektraum 522m3, Vienna, AT (2006)
  • Untitled Installation. Campus Oriente, Santiago de Chile, CL with Doris Viejo (2004)

Selected Group Exhibitions
  • Galerie M. Galerie Z, Hard, AT (2017)
  • Jubilee exhibition 'don't call it off-space!'  das weisse haus, Vienna, AT (2017)
  • Talisman. Edition Furor at Asia Paradies, Vienna, AT (2017)
  • Fare Thee Well. Ugly Art Room, Corvallis, OR, USA (2017)
  • Neues in der Sammlung. LENTOS Kunstmuseum, Linz, AT (2015)
  • Mödlinger Architekturen. Kunstraum Arcade, Mödling, AT (2015)
  • Young Art Auction Masterworks. Albertina, Vienna, AT (2014)
  • Wohin. Artunited, Vienna, AT (2014)
  • 4+4=44. Galerie Günter Salzmann, Innsbruck, AT (2013)
  • LICHT. Kunstforum Montafon, Schruns, AT (2012)
  • Our Haus. Austrian Cultural Forum, New York, NY, USA (2012)
  • Spring Salad. Lukas Feichtner Gallery, Vienna, AT (2012)
  • Räume in der Malerei. DIEAUSSTELLUNGSSTRASSE, Vienna, AT (2012)
  • Malerische Positionen. Lukas Feichtner Gallery, Vienna, AT (2011)
  • Jennyfair. Ausstellungsstrasse 53, Vienna, AT (2011)
  • METAmART. Künstlerhaus, Vienna, AT (2011)
  • Before the movies, paintings were like the movies. mo.e, Vienna, AT (2011)
  • Zwischen Innen und Aussen. das weisse haus, Vienna, AT (2010)
  • Living Spaces – Living Forms. Galerie 5020, Salzburg, AT (2009)
  • Personae. Atelier Operngasse 34, Vienna, AT (2009)
  • Berlin-Wien. Kunsthalle ECC, Berlin, DE (2006)
  • 1-wand. Stiegenhaus MAK, Vienna, AT (2005)
  • o.T. or Blickoekonomie or Biased-Space. Bétonsalon, MQ, Vienna, AT (2005)
  • Inside the Smoking Room. Thomas K. Lang Gallery, Vienna, AT (2002)
  • The Message. Fanshop Amsterdam, NL (2002)

Awards & Residencies
  • Naomi Anolic Early Career Jewish Visual Arts Award - second place (2017)
  • Walter Koschatzky Award - honorable mention (2017) 
  • Theodor Körner Prize for visual arts (2015)
  • Kunstforum Montafon LICHT Competition (2012)
  • Project Studio Space Residency, PS122, New York, NY (2009-10)
  • Featured Artist, Siemens_artLab (2008)

  • Austrian Chamber of Labor (AK Wien)
  • City of Vienna art collection
  • LENTOS Kunstmuseum Linz, Austria
  • Rotary Club Vienna-Albertina
  • MFA: Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, Austria. Muntean/Rosenblum – Contextual Painting (2001-2006)
  • Universidad Catolica de Chile in Santiago, Chile (2004)